Custom Orthotics


Orthotics are devices used to treat a variety of foot-related injuries and conditions and their associated pain. Orthotic shoe inserts are designed to support your body from the ground up and correct any biomechanical dysfunction that is in your feet. When your feet are not supported properly, not only do you typically experience pain, the rest of your muscoskeletal system suffers. This can cause a multitude of other problems and conditions, which is why Hiller Chiropractic offers custom orthotics specific to you.

Causes of Foot Pain

Foot pain is a common complaint that involves inflammation and tension in the ligaments, bones, and tendons in the foot. A significant source of foot pain comes from wearing poor fitting or unsupportive shoes for long periods of time. Other causes of foot pain include:

Our Process

In order to be the most effective, we need to gain a better understanding of your medical history, symptoms, and injury. Our chiropractor will perform a neuromuscular examination to determine the source of your injury and any underlying issues. After the exam, we learn the exact size and shape of your feet through the use of our advanced equipment and scanning technology. Using the results of the scan and Dr. Jamnik's examination, we are then able to create custom orthotics just for you and your specific conditions.

Our custom orthotics provide arch support, solutions for abnormal gait, and improve the circulation and range of motion of your feet. These benefits all contribute to Hiller Chiropractic's goal of reducing your symptoms so you can live a more active, healthy lifestyle. Our professional team uses the latest orthotics to restore the natural function of your feet, which is to support the weight of your body and give you the ability to stand, walk, run, and jump.

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