Kinesio Taping

kinesio tape on shoulder

Kinesio taping is a form of treatment for all types of injuries and conditions that involves placing a special athletic tape directly on the skin in strategic directions. This tape improves the overall mobility and function of your joints and muscles and can help take away any inflammation. Kinesio taping is different than standard athletic tape because it involves facilitating motion and circulation, whereas athletic tape does the opposite; it inhibits the muscles, joints, and tendons from moving and doesn't allow for flexibility. Our experts at Hiller Chiropractic have been using the kinesio taping technique for many years to treat injuries of athletes and non-athletes alike.

How Does Kinesio Taping Work?

Our staff uses RockTape, a kinesio tape that has a heat-activated, flexible adhesive that gently but securely adheres to your skin. Depending on your injury, the tape is strategically placed in different spots for maximum support and rehabilitation. Once on, the tape can be worn for 24 hours a day, up to five days at a time due to its durable, water-resistant, and air permeable properties. Kinesio taping works by reducing pain and inflammation of a certain area through microscopic lifting of the skin. This allows lymphatic fluid to flow freely in and out of the injured area, which accumulates when impact occurs.

Injuries That We Treat

Although commonly used in athletics, kinesio taping can be effective for a variety of injuries and conditions such as:

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