Instrument Assisted Adjusting

Through instrument assisted adjusting, a small, handheld instrument is used to deliver gentle impulses into the joints to restore motion and relieve pain in a specific area. Also referred to as the Activator Method, this technique is a type of low-force chiropractic adjustment that addresses issues within your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Our experts at Hiller Chiropractic are certified and skilled in providing professional, effective, and safe chiropractic adjustments for patients of all ages.

How This Differs From Manual Adjustments

This noninvasive chiropractic adjustment method is used to relieve pain and trigger points in areas such as the neck, elbow, shoulder, lower back, and more. Instrument assisted adjusting requires less force or pressure than a manual adjustment and can be just as effective, which is ideal for patients who are experiencing moderate to severe pain or a very limited range of motion. This method also allows our doctor to focus on a small, individual area within the musculoskeletal system for a more precise and detailed adjustment.

At Hiller Chiropractic, our staff is committed to providing long term relief through instrument assisted adjusting for patients with:

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