Thompson Technique

The Thompson Technique, also referred to as a drop table adjustment, is a chiropractic technique used by our professionals to manipulate the joints of the body using less force. As one of the most common spinal manipulation methods, the Thompson Technique utilizes a specialized drop table with multiple adjustable segments that support each area of your spine. When pressure is applied during a chiropractic adjustment, the table lightly drops downward, which requires less energy to move a specific part of your spine and causes your joints to free up. Dr. Jamnik has extensive experience delivering high quality, effective adjustments using this technique to patients including athletes, non-athletes, adolescents, and adults.

Benefits of the Thompson Technique

One of the main advantages of using the Thompson Technique to perform a spinal manipulation is its ability to perform the treatments with less force. This is important because it allows access to more patients who are in need of treatment. Other benefits of this chiropractic adjustment method include:

  • Decreased pain & discomfort
  • Increased mobility & range of motion
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved flexibility

The Thompson Technique has helped many patients relieve their chronic pains in their back, hips, shoulders, and more. Despite its forceful connotation, this drop table technique is a gentle and extremely safe method for helping your body heal itself naturally without medications and invasive treatments or surgeries. Dr. Jamnik is skilled in performing effective adjustments using a drop table to help you lead a healthy, active life.

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