Sprains & Strains

The routine of your daily life can place a lot of wear and tear onto your body. From the nature of our jobs to our hobbies, we are naturally susceptible to injuries, although specific activities such as lifting heavy objects and running can increase our risk. Sprains and strains are common injuries that can affect any joints in the body. Since they have similar symptoms, it can be difficult to determine whether your injury is a sprain or a strain and they are often confused with one another.

What Is A Sprain?

A sprain refers to a torn or stretched ligament. A "twisted" or "rolled" ankle is the most common type of ligament sprain and can occur if you step down on the side of your foot incorrectly or fall. Wrists, knees, and thumbs are also common injury sites for sprains. Hiller Chiropractic carefully and gently relieves the pain and inflammation through a variety of chiropractic and massage therapy techniques.

What Is A Strain?

A strain affects muscles or tendons, rather than ligaments. There are two types of strains, chronic and acute, that can range in severity from mild to severe. Chronic strains are caused by repetitive movements and overusing a specific muscle, whereas acute strains can occur from overstretching or a direct hit to a tendon or muscle.

Our Treatments For Sprains & Strains

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