Sports Massage

sports massageSports typically involve repetitive motions and aggressive movements that result in overworked, sore, and stiff parts of the body. Athletes in particular can become accustomed to this lifestyle the more they participate in sports and recreational activities, but in order to prevent chronic injuries or health conditions, it's important to incorporate sports massage therapy into their training routine. Hiller Chiropractic offers sports massages for all types of active lifestyles including high performance athletes, personal trainers, casual joggers, and many more.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Just like with other forms of massage therapy, sports massages provide stress relief, as well as pain relief for sore muscles by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation. Sports massage can be done before and/or after exercise/activity. Pre-event massages warm up the tissues and muscles that will be targeted during performance to prevent injury. This warm-up process allows for greater flexibility, range of motion, and blood flow to the muscles. After rigorous physical activity, the goal of the post-event massage is to reduce muscle soreness, tightness, and cramping. Our experienced massage therapists use specialized techniques to target the sore areas and typically recommend various techniques including stretching and activating muscles as well as techniques to restore the range of motion of the muscles after a workout or competition.

No matter your sport of choice, we are dedicated to each of our patients and take great care and precaution to get you back to doing what you love. At Hiller Chiropractic, your safety, comfort, trust, and health is our priority, and we look forward to helping you lead an active lifestyle with our professional sports massage therapy.

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