Trigger Point Therapy

Painful spots in a muscle are often referred to as knots and can occur randomly without cause or can be the result of stress or a specific injury. These knots are called trigger points due to their ability to trigger pain in different parts of the body when pressure is applied. Trigger points can decrease the muscle's range of motion and mobility. At Hiller Chiropractic, it is our goal to relieve trigger point pain and increase your body's range of motion using specialized trigger point therapy techniques.

Due to the uniqueness of trigger points, it's sometimes difficult to tell where on your body an injury has occurred or where the root of your pain is coming from. For example, if you press on your neck and instantly feel discomfort in your lower back, you probably have a trigger point in your neck, and not an injury to your back. Our experienced and licensed massage therapists examine your problem areas in order to provide the best trigger point therapy to relieve your pain.

Trigger Point Therapy Techniques

Our experts use a variety of techniques to take care of those painful knots in your body. Each treatment or application is catered to your specific condition and goals. The pressure is held until your pain dissipates, which then means your muscle is able to relax. Hiller Chiropractic's massage therapists are dedicated to providing effective pain relief solutions for patients of all ages through trigger point therapy.

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